I don’t own the right to any of this manga, I bought it, scanned it and I am sharing it as a fan to a fan. But I haven’t even watermarked the pages or anything, so don’t steal them and claim them as your own. That’s just nasty! I also don’t want to see these up on billwang or mangahelpers or whatever. If I would, I’d put them up myself, but I have reasons why I’m not doing that.  Anyway, off the top of my head, here are things you might want to know (that is, if anyone ever manages to stumble upon this page):

1. Who are you, Deliporo?  What’s with this manga anyway…it’s so girly and icky!!

I’m just a girl sharing manga. I do it for fun and because I want this manga to be known to other people. I mostly have really cheesy shoujo, varying from diabetes inducing sweet to nose bleeding smut! If you don’t like it, click that red  x on the upper right hand-side corner of the page and leave.

2. You seem kind of mean. To make it up to me, why don’t you scan everything and share it with us then!?

Too bad. I’ve been around a while (not saying that I’m old or anything), which means I know how people behave. I want to do this for fun, it shouldn’t be stressing me. So I’ll scan and translate exactly as much as I am in the mood to. Besides, I have a sucky scanner. I also happen to hate scanning…and I don’t want to rip my books. Plus you know, scanning isn’t enough. There’s also the editing and I don’t have a good editing software. I use Paint. Really. So I crop my pages and that’s it. Scanning and cropping 10 pages takes like an hour, and a whole book has 180 pages. And I have maybe 40 tankoubons and 20 monthly phonebooks. You do the math.

3. I can edit them for you, will you scan everything and send it to me?

No. I scan them in 400 ppi which means one page is 3-4 mb or something. I can’t sit around uploading a 200 mb chapter. I learned my lesson.

4. Is this a scanlating group?

No, but I might put translations up, next to the raws or if I’m in a good mood, I might typeset…but again, I edit stuff with Paint (if that kind of sacrilege can be called editing), so don’t expect much.

5. I’m from this amazing shoujo group and I really want you to scan your raws for us, will you?

Maybe. Email me. But if you have the project listed, I’m assuming you bought the book beforehand, so you don’t need my raws.

6. I saw on mangaupdates.com that Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono is actually another group’s new project. YOU THIEF! Why are you taking it???

I’m not taking anything so shut up and leave me alone. Nobody has released anything and anyway, I’m using my own books to do my own summaries on my blog. I don’t believe this is a conflict of interests. And if you really cared who’s doing the translations, you wouldn’t be here reading my stuff.

If you read all that, kudos to you, my friend. Anyway, this is a new site, so if I think of anything I’ll put it up, or if anyone has a question, just drop me a comment ^^


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  1. I have a personal question to ask
    May I know how to contact you by mail?

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