Until further notice

I’m making this private. Just for now. It was pointed out to me that sharing the raws might get me in trouble, and then with mangahelpers taking down their stuff, I’m really considering not doing that anymore either. I still want to translate (and I even had a chapter of a manga called Ookami Heika no Hanayome nearly ready), so I need to figure out something that doesn’t infringe any copyright laws, but that also isn’t just some boring translation with no pictures.

Have a nice summer!


3 Responses to “Until further notice”

  1. Kuroneko003 Says:

    I think it’s all right if you use a *few* pictures in a critical or explanatory blog posting. That’s allowed under fair use.

  2. ^^

    @Mangatraders comment: Don’t mind that, I guess you probably heard the deal with how they would make everything “legal” and earn money…sorry…let everyone earn a little by working together with the manga companies…an idea thats still not dead yet….sadly.

    About the company going after people…well they are mainly out to get the huge online reader ones like mangafox and onemanga etc.

    In your case I wouldn’t worry…and even stopping is something I would think about after they send you a cease and desist letter….which is quite rare to get. Though they have to send one to you before they can take any action. Heck I would be surprised if they even could do that^^

    Anyway all the good luck to you.

  3. Deliporo Says:

    Thank you for your comments, and sorry to reply months late, I’ve overlooked this for a while. o_o;

    I guess I sort of panicked because of what was happening last summer. I might re-start this, although I have no interest in Himegimi anymore and someone is already releasing Ookami Heika no Hanayome. I found scans of Cosplay Deka online, so I might have a go at summarizing that. Like Kuro said, it’s probably ok to use a few of the pictures, too XD

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