Here’s the thing…

I travel a lot. Or well, it sort of depends on how you define travel. Is it like commuting? Or more like visiting different places and taking pictures and doing the whole touristy thing? Well, I don’t know, but I do change my location quite often. Every 2-3 months or so; and when people ask me where my home is, it’s very hard to give a straight answer. Is it the place I was born, the place where I went to school, the place where my grandmother and my pets are, the place where my friends are, or is it the place where my university and my new friends are? Where I’ll eventually get a job? Maybe. I don’t have answers for any of these questions. What I have is 3 different currencies and 3 different phone numbers. I’ll soon also have 3 bank accounts in my name (well, they’re mostly empty ones, but still). So it’s hard to say “Yeah, see your life is here now. You belong here.” Because embarrassingly enough, the only thing that holds most of my relationships with people together nowadays is not a place, but Facebook. Even more so than MSN or YIM or Skype. But I guess that’s true for a lot of people living in the 21st century?

Now to go past that mopey intro and get to the point. Seeing as how I travel frequently, I always have interesting stories from my flights. I’m not a friend to the airports and they are definitely not mine either. I don’t enjoy being there. I don’t like flying at all, so I definitely don’t want to recall my time there. But recently, all kinds of weird things have started happening. For example, once last winter, they couldn’t get my luggage out because the plane doors were frozen shut, so they brought it over the next day. My laptop was in there! (I was afraid for a while, I’ll be honest!). The next time, the plane broke as we were supposed to board it, and I had to wait over 3 hours in the airport. Last time…a volcano erupted. (I’ll stop there, because everyone knows about Iceland, and I won’t bitch about it. The whole volcano thing still amuses me to no end.) Then yesterday, we had to wait an hour for the luggage, cause apparently the plane ‘parked too far’ and it took a while to bring them out. (I think they lacked manpower to be honest, but whatever).

I remember all these things fondly now, even though I was pissed off at the time, because I think my memories wouldn’t be as interesting without them. I also try not to think ”what next!?’ because that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy right there, but sometimes, I seriously do wonder what my next flight is going to be like.

Up next: more Himegimi summaries. Sorry for the hold-up.

p.s. something my friend got me addicted to recently:


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